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The Ginger Lord (i want your soul)

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The Ginger Lord (i want your soul)

Post  souleatingginger on Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:39 am

HI Im ginger the founder of GAG and one of the 2 leaders I have been playing video games for my entire life but not online until this game more or less and i would never us my mic (kind of like sebas that jerk).
Then i started playing this game where i met some awesome people who wanted to start a clan called the broccolis, i was with them for a little while but then i decided to leave and try to make my own clan which didnt work out well at first but after a little while i got it started. However it was never very good so when summer came around i decided to merge with another clan (this was the first time that 2 clans have ever merged in fp). This didn't work out very well so i left with about 4 other players to rebuild and we did a tremendous job, sadly we decided to enter battle of the clans 2 which turned out to be a huge mistake because it was to stressful for a small and closely knit clan, so we had to disband. It seemed that that would be the end of GAG but through the hard work of many of our amazing members we have managed to rebuild and now we are a small closely knit clan that is based on having fun and that is shown through every member of our clan.
If anyone is lucky enough to be in a game with these people they might hear some of the weirdest things ever but they will laugh there butt pies off (inside joke sorry). We are weird and we love it, a day with some gingers is a day to remember.
Now i think its time for me to talk about myself a little bit more (i know everyone will stop reading hear) I am a real ginger and i am musical as my fellow gingers know i have a lovely singing voice (not really) and i play trombone and i just got a keyboard so im getting better at that. I also compose music which is pretty awesome, and i am ridiculous, besides that i just love to talk and have fun.

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Re: The Ginger Lord (i want your soul)

Post  Souldoubt on Thu Dec 29, 2011 9:19 am

Nice intro gin gin! It actually makes you sound normal!

It won't let me post links yet, but I do have a request! The Monty Python Intermission Song (Youtube it!) from The Holy Grail. Learn it and play it between games!

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